The rainbow tables below are made available to be used with software that implements time-memory tradeoffs[1][2] for brute forcing passwords that are hashed using algorithms that don't include a salt.

These tables were first released at ShmooCon 2005.


In order to use the rainbow tables, you will need a utility[1][2][3] for searching the tables, the tables themselves, and a file that contains LanMan hashes. You can create such a file using a utility such as fgdump or pwdump on a win32 system.

If you have a set of plaintext passwords for which you want to create a pwdump file or you want to create a set of hashes for testing purposes, you can use the SMB hash generator (shg). shg is written in python and requires the py-smbpasswd module.

The pre-computed tables made available here have been generated and tested with Rainbow Crack. Occasionally we here of reports of them not working with other tools. Please understand that if you choose to use them with a tool other than rcrack from the Rainbow Crack suite, your mileage may vary and you are on your own.


The tables can be downloaded via bittorrent using the torrent links below or from The Shmoo Group's tracker. http download currently is not available.

The tables are compressed with lzma. win32 users can download the latest version from the sdk website, or can choose to download an archived, but possibly out-of-date copy.

lzma is available for *nix users of Linux distributions using the package fetching utility corresponding to the distribution (yum and apt are your friends) and on FreeBSD from the ports collection. Users of other *nix flavors will likely have to download the lzma sdk and compile the source.

Verification of downloaded data should be done prior to decompression. Using a version of md5sum (win32) or sha512sum that support the '-c' option is recommended (e.g. 'md5sum -c alpha#1-7_4_2100x8000000_all.rt.lzma.md5sum')

alpha lanman rainbow tables
alpha-numeric lanman rainbow tables
alpha-numeric-symbol32-space lanman rainbow tables
sha512sums for all lanman rainbow tables
Top 1000 essids for WPA PSK - generated by h1kari and renderman